Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Procedure:

We are fully committed to responding promptly and fairly to any expressions of concern from our customers. Please find detailed below our cancellation procedure should the occasion arise.

Once you have signed the order form (which is a binding contract) and paid a deposit you have committed to buying the car from us. The vehicle is then taken off sale so no one else can buy it. At this stage, the vehicle is prepared in our After Sales Department.

If you are part exchanging your old car, you are contracting to sell the car as presented to us at the price listed.

Should you wish to cancel the purchase we will

  • Use your deposit to cover the costs which we would have incurred in preparing the vehicle for you. These charges will cover, advertising costs, administrative costs, and loss of profit.

If you have taken delivery of the vehicle (in addition to the above charges) we will also deduct 10% depreciation of the vehicle (since the date of signing the order form) and 40p per mile on the mileage difference (since signing the order form).

In the first instance, please address your request to cancel in writing. Please address your request to Customer Services who can be contacted at our business address, email, or telephone number as detailed below.

Contact Details

Plympton Car Centre, 27-29 Market Road, Plymouth, PL7 1QW

Telephone Number: 01752 651340

Email: [email protected]