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Booking your car for regular services keeps it running efficiently. A service is essentially a health check of your car, checking everything from the vehicle's horn to replacing engine oil.

Ensuring you get your vehicle serviced regularly not only keeps it in the best condition but can also help retain as much value as possible on the vehicle. Buyers like vehicles that come with a full-service history as it shows that you’ve taken care of it.

Types of Car Service

At Plympton Car Centre you can book your vehicle for one of two types of service on offer:

  • Interim Service - £159
  • Full Service - £299

A full service should be done every 12,000 miles, this is generally once a year for most regular car owners. During a full service checks will be done across the vehicle, but unlike on an interim service, on a full service we will replace oil and air filters, replace the spark plugs, and replace the fuel filter on diesel vehicles.

In an interim service, we carry out all the checks we do on a full service, however, filter and spark plug replacements are not carried out.

Check out the table below to see what is included in an interim service and a full service.

Interim - £159Full - £259*
Driving Vehicle into Workshop

Check instruments, warning lights, and gauges  
Inside the Vehicle

Check horn operation 
Check windscreen washers and wiper operation  
Check interior lights
Check seatbelt operation and condition 
Check clutch operation 
Reset service light
Check mirror operation 
Vehicle Exterior

Check exterior lights operation and condition  
Check door operation and condition including boot  
Check fuel cap operation 
Check mirrors condition  
On the Ramp

Check steering, ball joints, and suspension linkages for wear damage, and condition  
Check brake pipes and hoses  
Check shock absorbers and springs' condition  
Visual brake check  
Complete tyre inspection (depths, pressures, size, and date) 
TPMS inspection and reset  
Battery check including terminal condition 
Top up screen wash 
Check coolant level and strength  
Check brake fluid level and boiling point 
Replace engine oil  
Replace oil filter   
Replace air filter- 
Replace pollen filter-
Replace spark plugs (petrol)- 
Replace fuel filter (diesel)- 

Road test 
Service book stamped and signed   

Servicing Offers

Aircon Re-gas

Old gas = £119.00

New gas = £179.00

To book your vehicle in for a service simply fill out the form below, or call us on 01752 345359.